Bizarre Screenshot Of The Day: RSS Directory?

Ok, firstly dont get your hopes up there isnt a bizarre screenshot every day. But I just got this one when I was looking for RSS directories to add a blog RSS feed to.

Id just added the RSS feed to Goldenfeed, and saw a link underneath to another RSS directory, readablog.

For once I agree with Alexa: Why am I seeing this page?

Firstly, where did the porn search come from? Going back to Goldenfeed, all I can see in the status bar is the URL.

Then, looking at the listings, where did Alexa toolbar get those from? OK Home Cinema could have some relevance. And maybe Royal Caribbean Cruises are trying to spice up their image (unlikely, but you never know). But Christian Child Ministry?? Is someone having a joke on this site, Google bombing them or something like that? And Cisco Systems some lonely nerds with a networking fetish?

I cant help wondering why Readablog has been lumbered with this. It has such a wholesome, non-X-rated name. Looking at its page in, none of the incoming links have adult sounding names, and it seems to rank best for keywords about marriage and babies.

Looking at its page on Alexa, it seems to have been related to other RSS directories. The closest to dodgy term I can find in its keywords is swimsuit. Which isnt even dodgy.

Meanwhile, quantcast has its visitors as mostly male, in their late 30s, without kids and with college degrees. Ok, Im starting to get a little creeped out about how much the net seems to know about us

In any case, I cant see any reason for these Alexa toolbar results (or Cisco Systems, etc for that matter!) Has porn become another word for website?

Finally, I check up on Goldenfeed, and find it has lets say more of a mixture of stuff. Oops. And theres my feed, on the home page! Woo hoo!